Feline Behavior Consultations and Training

Cat Training Classes in Belleville MIWhether you have a new kitten or have adopted an adult cat, the right information can make this transition go smoothly and set the foundation for a wonderful life together. Using positive reinforcement you can improve your feline’s behavior.

I have behavior problem solutions for you.
I can give over the phone advice or come to your home, to get to the scene of the crime, just kidding. Cats generally don’t travel well, so I will come to your home to help you with your feline problems. All consultations include written materials for your reference.

Phone consultations are billed to a credit card at the rate of $30 per hour, billed in thirty minute increments.

Please Call: 313-618-4976

Kitten Kindergarten!
Yes, you can train a cat! In kitten class, kittens (8-15 weeks) will be socialized to new objects, people, and animals. We want to boost kitty confidence. We will help them accept and enjoying their carries. Litter box worries and proper scratching behaviors will be discussed. Proper diet, handling, grooming, and feline body language will be covered.They will be taught to accept and wear a harness and learn to walk on a leash. They can learn to sit and more!
4 weeks $100.

Classes will begin when I have received enough inquiries to fill a class. I would like a minimum of 4 kittens.