Group Training Classes: None for a while

Class size is limited to 6 dogs, so please register early to guarantee your place in class! Supplies needed for class: flat buckle collar or martingale collar, if you have a small breed dog use a harness, 4-6 foot leash (6′ narrow leather preferred but not mandatory),  yummy, small, soft treats, a bait bag or fanny pack, a favorite toy, a cool, calm demeanor, and a sense of humor.   You may pay in person with cash or a check.   All credit card and PayPal payments will include a small processing fee.

Intro to K9 Nose Work-1

Intro to K9 Nose Work® ..Get Ready….Sniff!  30% of a dog’s brain comprises the Olfactory lobe.  Playing this nose work game will mentally stimulate your canine and physically tire them out. This activity is great for all kinds of dogs; aggressive, busy, shy, or fearful. One dog goes at a time. We will play a “Find It” type game with treats and or a favorite toy. No previous training required. This class may be repeated many times as the level of difficulty will be adjusted as the dog increases his skills.  For more information about this fun new sport go to Please bring  2 cups of a soft smelly treat and a favorite toy.  Dogs will need to be crated in your vehicle or in the training building at Regency Kennels.                       6 weeks- $125.00  PayPal price=$130.

Continuing K9 Nose Work-2

Continuing Nose Work  This is the second class in the K9 Nose Work® Series.  The team must have attended an Intro to Nose Work class or have the instructors permission to enroll.  (If your dog is already on Odor, we will use Birch in our searches.)  This class will expand the search area to more containers , Interior searches, Exteriors and Vehicles, using “primary” reward to build the dog’s enthusiasm for the game.  We will work on thresholds, corners and puzzle hides. We will build the dogs drive for the game and introduce him to all of the elements of  K9 Nose Work Sport.  This class is required before you move on to Odor. For more information go to     6 weeks- $125.00   PayPal price=$130.     

Into to Odor, K9 Nose Work-3

Venita Bentley, a sanctioned K9 Nose Work®, Certified Nose Work Instructor(CNWI™), will guide you through the process of introducing odor to your dog.  She has been trained by The National Association of Canine Scent Work® LLC.  We will take our dogs that have been playing the Nose Work game with “primary” reward to the next level, Scent!  The teams must have attended the previous NW classes and the dog must have the desire to hunt.   The price of class includes an Odor Kit (a glass jar with birch scented Q-tips, a tin, tweezers, a field box, nitrile gloves, and more). 6 weeks- $150.00, PayPal price=$155. 

Continuing Odor, K9 Nose Work-4

Continuing Odor- Trial Prep  This is the forth class in the K9 Nose Work® series.  The team must have attended an Intro Odor class or have the instructor’s permission to attend.  In this class we will learn about multiple hide searches in various scent sport venues.  We are preparing to go to NW competitions.  We will work on NACSW, UKC, C-WAGs Scent and AKC Scent Sport type hides. Class will be held at Regency Kennels in Belleville.  Our concentration will be on Interiors and Containers.  We will venture outside for Vehicles and Exteriors when the temps aren’t too low.  We will work our dogs with various distractions.  This class will help you prepare for Trial.   We will practice leash handling skills, and other skills  necessary for Interior, Exterior, Vehicle,  Buried, and Container searches.                               6 weeks  $125., PayPal price=$130.

STAR Puppy/Basic

This class is for Puppys from 10 weeks to eight months.  Young pups need to have had their first round of vaccines.  We will play proximity games to teach our pups that being near us is the best place to be.  We will teach attention exercises to teach our pups to walk nicely by our sides.  We will teach our pups to stay on a mat, to keep them from jumping on visitors and prevent behavior problems. We will play Noise Box, Cone Game, and 2 Feet Up to build our pup’s confidence around novel things in their environment.   Pet parents will learn puppy raising skills including house training, chewing, nipping,  handling exercises, and basic obedience.  Most skills will be taught through the playing of games.  A close bond of trust will be built between the pup and their family.                                                                                      6 weeks  $125., PayPal price=$130.

Intermediate Obedience/CGC Prep

The AKC recognises well trained and behaved dogs with the Canine Good Citizen Award. This class will cover all of the behaviors required to pass the CGC Test. The dogs need to have attended a Puppy or Basic Obedience class to qualify for this program.  They will learn: loose leash walking/heel, come when called, sit politely for greetings, leave it, sit and down stay, reaction to distractions, parallel walking with another dog and more. Come and join the fun and take your pup’s training to the next level.  The last week of class we will have the AKC  Canine Good Citizen Test.  7 weeks- $150., PayPal price =$155.                 


Canine Good Citizen Test – Will be scheduled when there enough interested parties, call for an appointmentOther classes to be offered: Star Puppy, Basic Obedience, Intermediate Obedience/CGC, Advanced Obedience, Continuing K9 Nose Work®, Fun and Games for Obedience, CGC Tests (Including the new Community Canine and Urban CGC)