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I am Venita Bentley CNWI™, Certified Nose Work Instructor™, one of the four NACSW™ Nose Work Instructors in the state of Michigan and the only NACSW™ Instructor in Wayne County.  I started Nose Work classes with Michigan’s first CNWI™ , Angie Falcsik, in June of 2012 with my dog reactive dog, Fritz.  Fritz caught on to the game quickly and enjoyed it immensely.  One of the many benefits that I noticed from Nose Work training is that Fritz started giving me better attention and eye contact.  If you have a reactive dog, you know this is very important.  I also found that he was tired after practice.  Using his nose was helping to use up some of his endless energy. I kept Fritz on primary reward for six months before introducing him to odor.  I had a lot to learn and if I was going to make a mistake, I would rather have it happen while searching for food than a target odor.  He past his Birch ORT(odor recognition test) in March of 2013.  We participated in our first NACSW™ Nose Work  Trial in June of 2013.  He passed Exteriors and Vehicles but, we missed the Containers and Interior hides.  After missing the hides at the trial, I was disappointed but went back to training.  We worked (played) hard and I improved my handling skills and Fritz improved with his environmental sensitivity.  In  April of 2014 we went to an Element Trial by United Nose Work( now UKC) and Fritz earned his Novice Nose work Containers and his Novice Nose work Interiors Titles.  In June we again participated in the NACSW™ Nose Work Trial.  This time we got three of the four elements and missed Containers!  Argh! Back to the drawing board.  Back to basics.  We revisited our foundation training and then went to Pennsylvania in September to try again.  In the Pocono Mountains on a hot fall day, Snickle Fritz Bentley earned his Nose Work 1 Title!

When a dog uses his nose, he gets a very intense mental work out.   Did you know that 30% of a dogs brain is made up of Olfactory cells? Nose Work is great for all kinds of dogs.  Shy and reactive dogs can build confidence.  Boisterous and rowdy dogs can improve concentration and build a better relationship with their handler. This fun activity is an outlet for your dog’s natural desire to hunt and scent.  For more information go to www.k9nosework.com.

What is K9 Nose Work®?

K9 Nose Work® is an up and coming fun activity to share with your dog. The sport is modeled after the program used to train professional scent detection dogs. The sport enhances the dogs ability to hunt and educates his nose to detect scent and learn to locate it.  As the dog progresses through the program, he will learn to detect three scents(essential oils) hidden in: containers, exteriors, interiors, or vehicles.  We begin the training with the dog hunting for treats or a favorite toy.

What Kind of Dogs Can Do K9 Nose Work®? 

All dogs can do K9 Nose Work®!  Big, little, blind, deaf, tripod , outgoing, shy, fearful dogs can participate in this sport.  Because each dog has his turn on the search area with his handler while the other dogs are crated, the environment is safe for any dog to happily conduct a hunt.  Retired dogs or handicapped dogs can move at their own pace and enjoy the spoils of the hunt.  Whether you want a low impact activity to play at home or want to go on to competitions, K9 Nose Work® is a mentally stimulating, fun activity that can be enjoyed by any dog.

What Will the Dog Hunt For?

Really stinky, soft treats work best, at least 2 cups full.  Some of the foods brought to class include: cut up hot dog, cheese, diced chicken, chicken nuggets, french fries, cheese puffs, liver worst, salmon.  Bring a variety of treats.  If your dog enjoys toys more than food, bring 2 or 3 toys(all the same kind) and we will test to see if he truly loves toys more than food.  Bring a treat pouch and a plastic container to store some of your treats with you to class.  It is recommended that you stay on “primary” reward for at least 12 weeks and learn all the elements of the game before introducing your dog to odor.  When we move on to Odor, the odors are made from 100% botanical oils.  The first is Sweet Birch aka “Betula Lenta”.

Will I Need any Special Equipment?

You will need a treat pouch, another sealable container for treats, a water bowl and water, poop bags, a regular flat buckle collar, quick snap collar, or martingale collar, or tracking harness. A six foot nylon or leather leash will be needed.  Dogs may enter or exit class in a no pull harness or a head collar, but cannot train K9 Nose Work® with these on.  NO PRONG, PINCH OR CHOKE COLLARS ARE ALLOWED.

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