“Our 1 1/2 year old Springer Spaniel, Cody, was struggling with leash aggression towards other dogs and my husband and I had run out of ideas to get him to stop this behavior. Venita taught us some very helpful redirecting and distraction techniques to get Cody’s attention on us instead of on another dog walking by.

Julian and Cody

We continue to work on these techniques with him but noticed even immediately, that by using her tricks, our walks with him became much more pleasant. We would highly recommend Venita and her training techniques for addressing difficult dog behaviors.”

Jessica and Julian Suszanski, M.D.
Jessica R. Leschied, M.D.
Resident Radiologist, PGY3
Department of Radiology
University of Michigan Health System
Ann Arbor, MI



Greta Galliers

“We have a lab/boxer puppy. We started her training when she was four months old. Venita Bentley came to our house once a week. While she trained our dog Greta, she also trained us to train our dog. Venita was always prompt with her appointments and had a good rapport with our dog. Her manner is calm and pleasantly firm. We are very pleased with the progress our dog made under Venita’s guidance. Her training has made her a better dog and given her more confidence.” “We highly recommend “Venita’s Training Services” and also recommend Venita’s Doggie Day Care. Our dog loves it.”
-Gary and Sally Galliers (and Greta)




“This letter is written in support of Venita Bentley. I am the Petparent of two handicapped felines, one which had been adopted at the Huron Valley Humane Society in June 2009. It had been my concern there would be aggression shown by Chance, my adopted 21/2 year old male. Soon after bringing him into my home the heavy aggression began, and I became concerned about the wellbeing of my female cat, Hope, who is handicapped, with three legs.”

“Venita is the petparent of three large dogs, and two cats. She has a heart for animals, and a passion for teaching petparents techniques in positive reinforcement and behavior modification to create a loving, trusting bond with each animal in the family. Venita is a professional trained as an AKC certified Canine Good Citizen Evaluator (since 2004). Venita has also earned recognition as a Certified Trainer from the Animal Behavior and Training Associates.”

Hope and Chance snuggling.

“I have known Venita as a trusted friend for several years. Our bond as petparents is deep. The guidance Venita provided me during the time Chance and Hope had difficulty, accepting each-other into our home, has made a remarkable difference in how my two cats now interact with one another. I am happy to recommend Venita Bentley to a loving petparent interested in pursuing positive reinforcement training methods. Thank you Venita.
Maureen Moore, Hope and Chance’s petmom




Daisy, at home after a busy day at Doggie day care.


“Another successful day with Venita. Our Daisy is an extremely energetic goldendoodle who plays well with the pack…..Venita watches over all of them ensuring they come home happy and (thankfully) exhausted.”
-Rosalie Everett, Ypsilanti Michigan




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